Family Dentistry in Fishers

At Complete Dental Care of Fishers, you’ll find that we’re the dental home that your family needs. Dr. Kheiri’s gentle, calm demeanor puts even the most anxious patients at ease. Our goal is to get to know you as an individual and address the specific oral health concerns you have. Whether you’re just here for a checkup or need an emergency tooth removal, we’re here to put you first.

Be proactive in maintaining your oral health — call Complete Dental Care of Fishers to schedule your family’s dental checkup.

Checkups and Cleanings

Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential elements of a healthy smile. During your visit, we’ll assess your teeth, gums, bone levels, existing dental work, and surrounding structures. That way, we can intervene if any issues are beginning to develop. You’ll also receive a professional cleaning (and polish to remove surface stains) as well as personalized oral hygiene advice for hard-to-reach areas. Most people with healthy teeth and gums benefit from a preventative cleaning every six months.

Preventative Care Approach

To ensure your oral health remains in great shape, we will perform oral health examinations during each appointment. These may include one or more of the following:

  • Periodontal charting
  • Diagnostic X-rays
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Checkup of past restorations

Regular checkups, cleanings, and X-rays are essential to maintaining your oral health and the appearance of your smile. The fact is, even if you are very diligent in brushing and flossing, you are likely still missing some areas. This is the same reason dentists themselves attend regular checkups.

Oral Prophylaxis and Cleaning

Did you know that most oral health conditions begin with a buildup of plaque and tartar? Tartar can only be removed with professional tools such as dental scalers and root planers. Oral prophylaxis and cleaning form the cornerstone of preventive dentistry. The aim of oral prophylaxis is to remove plaque and tartar in order to leave smooth surfaces that are easier to clean with brushing and flossing.

Dentists and hygienists have several tools available to combat tartar, plaque, and surface stains. These include dental scalers, which are hook-shaped instruments used to manually scrape away tartar, but may also include ultrasonic scaling equipment. Root planing is also done to remove plaque and tartar from below the gumline. Towards the end of your session, a prophy cup may be used to remove surface stains and polish your tooth enamel. You even get to choose your flavor of prophy paste!

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